Porkka professional refrigeration equipment are made for heavy professional use. For a device to be as long-lasting and efficient use of energy, it must be used according to given directions.

All devices require the user to constant maintenance in order to keep them in good condition for as long as possible. What should be taken into account, so that the device would remain in operation for a long time? Read defrost refrigeration appliance maintenance tips to the end user device.

1. Chilled products to cold rooms and frozen products to freezers

Both cold and freezer rooms, just like cabinets are intended only for the storage of chilled products. Cold rooms may be exported only cold products and frozen food in the freezer. For cooling and freezing it has its own purpose-designed equipment.

2. Open the doors only when necessary

Cold conditioning compressor is working to optimize the steady temperature of the products constantly and gets to the extreme, especially during long-term storage additions. Try to avoid unnecessary ventilation and to perform rapid loadings.

3. Clean your equipment regularly

Clean the cold device on a regular basis. Wipe the shelves and the floor and clean the gaskets. Modular cold room’s plastic shelves can be conveniently washed in a dishwasher. Be sure to regularly clean the evaporator and condenser.

4. Defrost on a regular basis

Despite the automatic defrosts, freeze rooms and cabinets should be defrosted at least once a year. This must be done even if the visible ice is not formed. The room has accumulated moisture, which is a good dissipate completely out regularly.

5. Fill rooms and cabinets within allowable capacity

In order to maintain optimum air circulation, no equipment may be filled to more than the allowable volume of the device. Check the product specifications for details of the capacity of the device and do not exceed it. If necessary, get more cold storage space. Standard rooms are taken into account, that the goods are stacked on a shelf in front of the evaporator in such a way that the air circulation is blocked.

6. Follow the condition of the equipment and service as necessary

In order to keep the cold on your device as long as possible age; continuously monitor its condition, and service as necessary. For example check the equipment’s door hinges and also monitor door and drawer gaskets condition. Unless the door seal properly closed, it is the same thing as the door is left open and the cold goes to waste. Gaskets are really easy to replace yourself or ask a professional to help.

7. Adjust the right temperatures to your equipment

Please observe the ideal temperatures of the storage products. Select a suitable settings for each equipment. This way you can save energy, money and the environment. Do not storage the goods in too cold temperature, if it’s not required. Huurre iTOP service allows us to monitor and adjust the temperatures of your equipment. This way your equipment is always in optimal temperature level.

8. Ensure adequate air circulation and the appropriate use of the ambient temperature

Make sure that there is enough space for air circulation around the unit. Sufficient space must be to provide sufficient ventilation. Also make sure that the ambient temperature will not fall or rise above allowable limits.